Are you starting to get this yet?

My first arrest came at 19, the summer I graduated high school. Disorderly Conduct and Underage Possession of Alcohol by a Minor.  A Sunday sunrise game of crabapple baseball resulted in 5 cop cars showing up for 4 of us. One of the officers didn’t quite fit in with the good ‘ol boy routine theyContinue reading “Are you starting to get this yet?”

My Thoughts on Monuments and Flags

I’m sure if I looked I could find family flags fought under on all sides going back thousands of years. I know I had family on both sides of the civil war. Those wars are over and they aren’t my wars to fight. However, I get to learn how to honor my family by notContinue reading “My Thoughts on Monuments and Flags”

Reconciling the shame of my own privilege and finding a path to recovery

I spent a little over a year working at a clinic located in Southwest Atlanta. Overall I worked about 9 years with patients from all around Atlanta. During that time my eyes opened more and more to the crooked systems we all suffer from at the end of the day. But I couldn’t see itContinue reading “Reconciling the shame of my own privilege and finding a path to recovery”