Have y’all actually read The Green New Deal?

Seriously, have you read this proposal? It’s only 14 pages. You should read it. I guarantee you will not find the things that the most outspoken critics harp on about. Certainly not whatever this claim of costing trillions of dollars is that I keep hearing on political ads around Atlanta. Or Sean Hannity’s slanderous squawks of banning burgers. The deal is accepting agreed upon climate change data and the need for action. But, it doesn’t ask the Untied States to pay for the world to fix it, rather it paves way for us to correct course on this (and other major issues) while providing a path for a stable economic future for ALL. Whatever your feelings are on climate change—and I am not here to debate it’s existence (unless you have a PhD and have conducted your own research)—this legislation proposal is not the big bad wolf they make it out to be. Well… it could be depending if you have something to loose from it or not…

This deal has three main goals:

  1. to create millions of good, high-wage jobs in the United States,
  2. to provide unprecedented levels of prosperity and economic security for all people of the United States; and
  3. to counteract systemic injustices: Now, therefore, be it.

In my opinion, they lay out a good proposal for what number 3 really is and what it would be to fix it. It’s not that complicated. And this is a proposal at its core. It’s meant to be amended and drafted upon. But, the outline is to lay out an economic plan that provides equality for all citizens of the United States, while also addressing major; climate, healthcare, housing, and educational issues. Proposing that workers be given oppurtunites for stakes in the companies they work for; ensuring that jobs created are NOT sent oversees (this may shock some, but these “leftists” may actually care about American workers more than these ultra-capitalist types); creating huge infrastructure overhaul—which in turn would create millions of well-paying jobs.

Building a high-speed rail system across this country should be something we are already doing. But, we are still fighting oil lobbyists instead. The people who give the talking points on what this “is” are lying to you about it. The oil industry is not a sustainable future for this country (the world for that matter) and we are already losing out on the green industry race to China and others. All because we have a problem with truth and humility in this country.

Admitting that even some of this science is true means the potential end of a way of life for the elite billionaire-class. This is why they feed you a steady diet of red herring like—Marxism, communism, socialism, etc.. on the news every night. Evening out the playing field for the worker means admitting lies that have been told to the masses for generations now. Most of these all in the name of profit. The nightly news feeds our fears against each other to distract from potential common ground solutions like what is offered in this bill. Why do you think the establishment Democrats don’t support this either? They would lose too.

Throw your whataboutisms aside, including those thoughts on Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and actually read this in it’s entirety. It’s similar to FDR’s New Deal and one of the more straight-forward pieces of legislation I’ve read in a while. The way some of y’all talk about this, I though I was in for an all-nighter. If you have an issue with the proposals laid out, you may want to ask yourself why? Like why do you personally have an issue with that? And I am not talking about the climate science. You can deny that if you want, but if you still have a problem with actually equal rights and the means to a better future—then what are we even doing?

Seriously form your own opinion on this stuff. This legislation is meant to be the start to developing a better and more sustainable world. No where in there did I see the end of America and capitalism… just calls for transparency and equality—that would help end some of the “crony” capitalism—there is a ginormous difference that needs to be understood in today’s world. It’s scary that demanding rights for the working-class gets you labeled as an extremists in this country. And half of the working-class eats so much red-herring that they think communism and socialism are really things in this country. It’s real paradoxical to see working-class people bend the knee to a statist regime, while yelling about “socialists” coming to take their freedoms away. Failing to see that these “socialists” are just people asking for worker protections and things that would benefit them. The majority of the time more than anything the other party ever has to offer the working-poor.

Don’t get me twisted either, I see little difference between the “establishment” Democrats and the GOP, they all want this crony capitalistic caboose to keep on running for all-time. But, the difference in the democratic party, is there are at least some progressives who aren’t paid for—who propose legitimate change like this. No one in the GOP is allowed to speak out against their party anymore, they get replaced as soon as they do and lose funding for future bids…

…alright that is enough politics for me tonight, this was all just off the cuff. I’ll be back soon with an article about the Atlanta Race Riot of 1906 and my thoughts on that man named Henry W. Grady and his “New South”.

Love all y’all

James C. Marshall, July 27th, 2020

Click to access Resolution%20on%20a%20Green%20New%20Deal.pdf

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